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Thread: Will Nagarjuna join YSR Congress?

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    Default Will Nagarjuna join YSR Congress?

    Speculations are abuzz that Akkineni Nagarjuna will be making his foray into politics. It's been reported by a section of media that Tollywood Kind is likely to join YSR Congress Party. Even conclusions has been reached by the media house that Nag has made necessary arrangements to officially be a YCP Member sooner or later.

    Actually, Nagarjuna is never interested in Politics. He even suggests his family members to keep themselves away from politics. He would have contested for MP or MLA seat on Congress ticket in 2009 Polls if he is really interested in Politics. But, The Actor chose not to take such a path though he maintained good relations with former CM late YSR. Stand taken by Nag doesn't change even after many years & his fans were happy about it.

    Pro-TDP Media Houses deliberately cooked up baseless stories regarding Nag's political career. This is an attempt to convey that even popular personalities who wanted to join YCP are backing off and no celebrity wants to associate themselves with Main Opposition.

    Source : Tupaki

    Better if he stays away from Politics.

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    Amala Akkineni quashes rumours of nag s entry into politics and requests media to check with them before publishing any such news


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