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YMC - My feel 6/6

Feb 24th – Cricketers Day - Remembered for Sachin's Double ton in One day Internationals. First time in the world cricket history

Feb 26th – Lovers Day- Remembered for the magic created by Ye Maya Cheasave. First time in the world movie history, that a bilingual movie released on same day and creating history.

As a movie buff, I always felt bad for not getting a chance to write review for a movie like Geetanjali. Today I got an opportunity. After a long time, I was so immersed in a film that I didn’t see Naga Chaitanya or Samantha on screen. I followed the lives of Karthik and Jessie. My primary focus was on how would, a 22 year old (Karthik), behave in such circumstances! The characterization that you wrote for Karthik was perhaps the first of many reasons why I was completely smitten by the film.

It is easy to write review but hard to write feelings. Anyway I am trying my best to write my feelings.

-->> Did you ever fall in love? 

-->> Have you ever felt the joy n pain of love?

…….if not, then you will fall in love after seeing YMC not only with a girl/boy/spouse but also with YMC.

In Love, Pain is also soo sweet. Director Goutham Menon teamed up with best of best crew….name it AR Rehaman, Manoj Parmahamsa to lace a intelligent ……….not the right word……better I say lovely love story.  Next comes the cast…………’s none other than ‘boy next door’ NAGA CHAITANYA and the ‘darling next door ‘- SAMANTHA.  Who else, Gautham can choose to present his feelings thru YMC? This couple is cute, handsome, beautiful and awesome. Somebody says it is ‘Love Chemistry’ ……… word to use is ‘Love Gravity’………..

As per Newton’s law of gravitation………

Every object in the universe gets attract with other body with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses but inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two objects.

As per the YMC’s Law of Love Gravity………

Every HEART in the universe gets attract with other HEART with a force that is directly proportional to the LOVE of their HEARTS but inversely proportional to the square of the separation between the two HEARTS.

Flat – Fall – Feel – Steady – Raise

In our story, budding engineer Karthik (Chai) and wannabe movie director fall flat on cute software engineer Jessey (Samantha). Then Karthik fall in love with  Jessey.  Afterwards Jessey feel the intense of Karthik’s love. She starts loving Karthik. It’s steady…….but not rock steady…’s on shaky grounds. This is the center of gravity of YMC. Director showed the other angle of Love .i.e., Love Pain. Rest of the story is how the pair raised in love.

Men are from Mars and Woman from Venus

It is very easy to understand a man but very complex to understand a woman.  Woman loves to be loved and Man loves to love. Jessey wants a love with no tensions & no binding. Jessey loves Karthik’s presence and wants it to get preserved and persist.  But she don’t want any tensions building at home front. Whenever there is a pressure from parents, she goes into shell and dangles. This nature makes things complex at Karthik’s front.  This is the crux of the story. It needs a great maturity to craft a poetic narration for this kind of subject with sense and substance. Hats off to the director- Goutham Vasudev Menon and his team.

Ye Maya Chesave is Straight from heart. It will strike a chord with anyone who’s loved and felt the unbearable anguish of loss, and knows the feeling that binds people in love together.

Lovely Lead Pair – Naga Chaitanya + Samantha

I don’t want to separate this lovely pair in rating their performances. They haven’t performed…..they lived in the characters. They outclassed for each other and spelled the magic. Chai gave his best. He is the perfect fit. Karthik’s character is sketched in such a way that Chai will be adored as ‘boy next door’. Chai lived to the character in all the confrontations with his love. He dreams, dazzles and dares.

I liked Naga Chaitanya because he’s so vulnerable. People may call him as a terrible actor because he isn’t flamboyant, dance, deliver punch lines or have a great screen presence like other heroes in Telugu Cinema. Yet, he was incredible in the film and perhaps that’s exactly how a 22 year old would behave. He’s smitten by the girl, gets excited when she smiles at him, and goes bonkers when she confesses her love and nuts when she breaks off! I don’t see a reason why I can find fault with him. That’s perhaps how a lot of 22 year olds are these days.  

His acting is so fresh and mature, which you can gauge it in the scenes, where

·         He senses his first love

·         He hears ‘I Love You’ from Jessey (my fav scene)

·         He got dejected by his love,

·         He shows his frustration and anguish as he was unable to convince her love

·         He narrates his love to Jessey in the culmination of affairs

What not?….There are several scenes to scale his exhilarating performance…What more you expect?

Samantha’s eyes………you will get lost. It speaks oceans. Thanks for introducing Samantha to Telugu film industry. I was so smitten that I must have talked about her incessantly for over a week. What made her so interesting was how slowly Jessie reveals her feelings towards Karthik. Her mood swings were well written and Samantha enacts them really well.

As Jeevi said - Silence conveys so much more than irreverent banter, and nowhere is this more evident than in the interactions between Karthik and Jessy, whose romance is conveyed through their conversations, eyes and longing expressions. The credit goes to its lead pair who invests sincerity and genuine enthusiasm while playing their roles.

The conversations in Alleppey, the coffee shop, cinema hall, the duo’s house in Hyderabad, over the phone and a park in US were genuine. So genuine that I could finally make sense of what do couples talk about incessantly for hours together! Some of them have found a mysterious way to speak in decibel levels which only dogs can decipher. Pun intended! Samantha was gorgeous and Chinmayi’s voice was divine

Love Anthem - Vintunnava vintunnava……….Vintunna tholisarey ne maatallo

This is of top rate. Lead love scene to this song is one of the best in Indian films and you treasure in your heart for ever. This love anthem is going to create havoc in millions of hearts. You get connected to Chai & Samantha instantly. This one scene and song is enough to say about Naga Chaitanya & Samantha’s exuberant performance. Manoj Paramahamsa’s camera and his colour combination especially the night silhouette shots in the backwaters of Kerala have a touch of class. It’s like a journey in moon light.

Love Journey - Kundanapu Bomma

Lovely………Lead pairs love journey in train. What a mixing!! You feel the fall colors of Newyork blended with intense moments of love birds in the train. You love to have such journey, which should continue forever and ever.

Best Montage song - Aromale

Director showed his brilliance in depicting the lead scenes to the climax. What a blending? Yes our hero Karthik (Chai) raised in love by crafting as a plot for his first directorial venture. What a screenplay!! Locations and camera work are awesome.

Visual Treat - Every frame is a greeting card

This movie scales at international class. Thanks to production house Indira productions – Manjula & Sanjay swaroop. It needs taste to present this kind of movie on this scale.

Music magician AR Rehaman is a great asset for this movie. Background score is scintillating. Each and every melody hunts you. It is a visual treat through Manoj Paramahamsa’s camera work when the backwaters of Kerala, ancient churches of Malta and USA are brought alive. The song sequences are a poetic treat indeed! Antony at the editing desk and Rajeevan’s helming art department lend a right kind of support to the film. Dialogues by Anuradha are extremely natural and contemporary. Dubbing for female lead by singer Chinmaey is very fresh.

The biggest strength of your film was that it blurred the thin line between real and reel life. I have hardly come across instances where I could identify myself with a character in films these days and your film did that trick for me. It’s hard for me to be objective about the film and no matter what people are going to say about the film, it will remain as one of the best romantic films I have seen. Every love story has a beginning and (perhaps) an ending. Mine has neither. Yet, I find myself hopelessly in love with’I don’t even know whom. I wonder if such a state is even possible where you have no idea whom you are in love with. Yet, everything about life, your surroundings, people you know seems wonderful. If this ain’t love then what is? Ohh’Gautham Menon, what have you done to me! I had no idea that your film would disturb me so much!  

The film is a must watch for those who care for love.  There is no religion, region, race for love. Love is in air. YMC is in theaters. All YMC theaters are going to be turned as lovers’ paradises. Go, watch and love it. Youthful Movie of the Century


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Disclaimer for Parents fraternity: Be careful about your teenage buddies. YMC is not responsible, if they fall in love and don’t fare well in the exams.

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