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RAGADA - Movie Review

Movie: RAGADA;  MARating: 4.5/6; Release Date: 24thDec 2010;

NAGARJUNA……mesamunnaManmadhudu.........khaleja unna King.

No one on the earth can gauge his age. No one can match his style and ease. All in all He is Mighty Macho Massive Mass Manmadhdu.

It’s a real treat watching Nag in new dimension, where he looks eccentric, righteous, dynamic, energetic, stunning and stylish.

You can see a sea change in the characterization of Nag. The way he speaks, walks, looks, warns, hits will rush your adrenaline levels. The cranky wacky attitude brought vibrancy into Nag’s character and it jelled with the audience. It’s a real treat-watching Nag in new dimension where he looks eccentric, righteous, dynamic, energetic and smart. Nag rocked not only with Rayalseema friction(Ragada) but also diction. His dialect in Rayalseema slang is striking.

Thanks to Director Veeru Dada (I love to call him ‘Dada’) for carving such a powerful character with power packed performance…….On the whole RAGADA is NAG’s Powerhouse .

Coming to story………. As Nag said that there was nothing new in the story, there is no need to dig into it.  But I would like to leave some punch dialogues thru which you can sense the main plot. Hear(e) the dialogues to taste the feast.

·        “King anevadu okkadey untadu……….a tharuvatha andaru bongee”

·        "Natho Ragada pettukunte nuvvu Magadivi anna vishyam kuda Marchipotav" 

·        “Dhairyam ga edirincha leni vadu, bedirinchadaniki kotha maatalu vethukontadu”

·        "Bediristhe Bayapadataniki nenem Buddodini kaadu, Kadapodini"

·        "Seema nunchi vachina vadu Naatu kaadu, City lo unde vaadu Neatu kaadu" 

·        "Brains and Beauties are most dangerous" 

·        "Ammailu rendu rakaalu, Okati Bullet rendu Chocolate , Naku Chocolates ante Istam" 

·        "Manishi Annitini ardam chesukotaniki Brain vadathadu, Kani ammaini ardam chesukotaniki matram Kallu vadathadu " 

·        “Nee brain single theater………na brain multiplex, okey sari nalugu cinema lu nadusthayi” 


Director Veeru’s brilliance in screenplay department is evident with his gripping narration and the way he justified all the end less gang wars screened in the first half with mind blowing twists in the second half. Director crafted each and every scene with style and elegance leaving a space for an element of suspense. No doubt that audience get awestruck as the story unfolds with each and every plot got unveiled in the second half. Though you can see the co(i)nfluence of Poori and Surendar in Veeru’s making, he cleverly niched his own space.  With Ragada, he entered into big league.

Anushka is as hot as Bullet. This is the tailor made character for Anushka. Her histrionics are perfectly twined with her characterization. It’s a cake walk. On screen chemistry between the lead pair set the screen on fire.

 Priyamani is as sweet as Chocolate. She is lovable. When you walk out of the theater, you will certainly store her lovely expressions in your heart. She is cute, tender and beautiful.

Comedy: Fun got intertwined with the story line. Dilaogues are well laced and placed thereby generating the comedy between the main characters without deviating from main plot. Theater busted with laughter with each n every scene between Nag-Brahmi-Anushka and Nag-Bharat-Priyamani. Like in Hello Brother, Manmadhdu, and King, comedy encounter between Nag & Brahmi clicked well with cheers.

Action Choreography: Stylish stunts designed by gun (fight) master Vijay and slick editing by Marthand Venkatesh elevated the action part and enthralled the masses. Surprise element is more than half of the movie footage was covered by stunt sequences. It is better to say that thin story is sprinkled on huge action sequences. Intro fight - Director presented it in split fashion. And also the reverse attack in interval bang, Rescue scene of Priayamani's brother from villan's den, Escape sequence at cafe where Nag ran away with Anushka, climax are special to mention. They are not just fights, all are well choreographed stunts.

Camera work by Sarvesh Murari is of top notch. Through his lens, Murari did the magic by elevating the scenes & screen with various tinge and tint that suits the mood.

Songs n Dances: ‘Bholo Asta Lakshmi’ scores top followed by ‘Mesamunna Manmadhudu’, ‘Okkadante okkade Handsome’ and ‘Ragada ragada’. Every body might have glimpse of songs in TV trailers, but you experience real eyeMax while watching the voluptuous beauties romancing KING on big screen. Thanks to Music Director Thaman for giving racy and peppy numbers. BGM and re re-recording are adequate.

 Production – Special thanks to Siva Prasad Reddy on presenting this wholesome action entertainer on grandeur scale as a silver jubilee celebration gift. Right from the titles, producer has taken every care to showcase his favorite friend & hero on large scale without any compromise. We nagfans shower our gratitude to Reddy garu as he does for our hero Nag.

This movie provides you roller coaster ride with thrills, frills, fun, twists and songs. One can’t label it as a mass action flick as the mass elements are very well wrapped under stylish classy wrapper.

Undoubtedly RAGADA is going to join the 30 crore club.

-Mar BollapRAGADA

 ~ Merry Christmas ~ Happy New Year ~ Happy Sankranthi ~

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