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President Gaari Pellam Review


Nagarjuna, Meena, Satyanarayana, Chandra Mohan, Sudha, Brahamanandam, Srikanth, Kota Srinivasarao and others.
M.M Keeravani
A Kodanda Rami Reddy
V.Doraswamy Raju
Release Date:

Story: Nagrajuna and Chandramohan are brothers who live in village and have different opinions in one issue which is regarding Satyanarayana (villan). Chandramohan worships Satyanarayana and Nagrajuna tries to defeat villan. Meena which is the daughter of Satyanarayana comes to village and destroys nagarjuna's field and the hatred between these two increases as well. As the story goes on due to some incidents (the main incident is when nagrajuna becomes president) Nagrajuna and chandramohan gets separated and meena starts loving him. The rest of the story is how Nagrajuna gets back with his family and defeats the villan.

Performance: Nagrajuna acted really well and suited the role really well (etti kodite eetlo padatav) and the same goes with Chandramohan. Meena acted really well especially the episodes toward the climax and she excelled in emotional scenes. Brahamanandam does not appear in many scenes but he is pretty funny with his one dialogue "naa wiring". Kota Srinivasrao's role as a cunning fox and he excelled really well, his dialogue "aaya Narakasura" is hilarious. Satyanarayana suited the role as villan. Rest of the cast is good.

Direction: Kodanda Rami Reddy handled the movie very well and made sure audience stayed entertained for the whole movie. This movie is 60% comedy, 20% sentiment, 20% action. This movie is a mass entertainer and Kodanda Rami Reddy's excellent direction made the output come out very well. The scenes i liked

* The mysore Bondam scene
* The umma kavali scenes
* The Bet scene
* The scene where nagarjuna and chandramohan talk about their ancestors is really funny and creative.
* The bet scene.

Music: Music by keeravani is an asset for this movie. All the songs have mass appeal and look really good on the screen. Background score in the fights is really good (plain dappulu use chesadu).

# Manduri Aambothu

# Umma Kaavali

# Tassa Chekka

# Aavattu Evattu

# Paruvaala Kodi

Other departments: story and script by Ramana is just excellent. Its a bit different to rest of the hero villan movies. Screenplay of the movie is really good. Though the choreography should have been better but the songs Maduri aambothu looks good on screen. Dialogues in bits are really good. Fights are good.

My Analysis: On a whole a really good mass entertainer. Its a pretty different mass entertainer. The plus points are the comedy ,Nagarjuna, performances, music. The only negative point is that climax should have been a bit better. I personally think every one should watch this movie.

My Rating: 4/5

Fact: This movie became a super hit and ran for 100 days in 10 centers (not sure though). Here are some centers

Visakhapatnam ------------ Alankar
Rajahmundry ---------- Swamy
Bheemavaram --------- Kishore
Anantapur ------- Santhi
Kurnool ----------- Anand
Kadapa ------------ Royal
Proddutur ---------- BVS
Srikakulam ---------- Ramalakshmana
Guntur ------------ Pallavi

- Reviewed bu RaviTeja,

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