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AranyaKaanda Review

A still from Manmadhudu

Cast: Nagrajuna, Shobana, Rajendra Prasad and others

Crew :

Music: Chakravarthi
Director: Kranthi Kumar
Producer: Ch Sudhakara Babu
Banner: Ushakiron Movies

Release Date: 1/1/1987

Story: A village in the forest is haunted by a tiger (resemblance to Anweshana) and nagarjuna goes a police officer to the forest to investigate. But what really happens is the goons make this all up and do some side businesses. The rest of the story is how nagrajuna defeats the goons and leaves happily ever after

Performances: Nagrajuna acted pretty good and the rest of the cast is just Ok. Rajendra Prasad plays and important role in this movie and he acted very well. Heroine Sobhana did justice to her role

Direction: The direction of Kranthi Kumar is mediocre. The first half is meant to be suspense but the director couldn't get it right and he couldn't hold on the interest of the people in the second half either.

Music: Nothing special. no great tunes, all tunes are forgetful. Background score by Chakravarthi couldn't help the movie at all and didnt elevate the suspense mood in the film

Other departments: Editing is crisp and needs some working on. Screenplay is just OK and the movie goes at sluggish pace in the second half. Fights are nothing special. overall the technical values of Ushakiran movies are very low.

Analysis: Overall a very bad movie. Boring first half(except for first interesting 30 minutes), the same goes for the second half. Bad direction, music makes this movie a failure. Nothing good about this movie. Only good thing is it is set in the forests and has some originality and brings some light to the story. Nagrajuna should be appreciated for choosing a different story.. but director fails him and the good script.

Reviewed By RaviTeja

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